Popular Photography: The "IT BAG"!

Can you hear me screaming through the computer screen?!!! So the first time I fell over was when the senior editor emailed me back in October asking for a sample. At the time I had ONE of each style, so it felt like a risk sending her away. Then again, it's not every day that Lola gets a trip to Park Avenue. So I kissed her, packaged her (pretty much) on a quilt of flower petals, and tried really, really hard not to stalk the editors. When I couldn't take it anymore, I found the nerve to ask, "So, did you find room in the March issue afterall?" Within five minutes, I got a response, "It's in-page 16!" And then I screamed. And then I fell over. And when I got up, I googled the word "toney". I admit it.

They said:

"A toney bag you'd never guess held a camera. We've seen good-looking camera bags before, but none as attractive as Epiphanie's line of gear-toters--- dead ringers for the latest department store finds. The bags ($165, direct; have space for a DSLR, lenses, and accessories, though we do wish they had more interior pockets. For photographers who want a hot bag that holds a DSLR, event shooters who need to dress like a guest, or fashionistas who wouldn't be caught dead in ripstop nylon, this is the It Bag."



A brand new page!

It's been so long that that I've been writing my other blog, I forgot what it feels like to start from scratch. Well, that's not entirely true. I've actually been learning everything from scratch as I've gone through the exciting-grueling-awesome-terrifying-roller-coaster ride of starting this new business. Phew!... All because a girl HAS to have her camera, and hates to carry two bags. :)

You can imagine that after this three-year gestational period of highs and lows, to see the freight truck coming down the street felt almost as miraculous as it did to watch my three children take their first breath.

FINALLY. They were HERE!

And then poof! They were gone. SOLD OUT (!) My babies flew to all corners of the earth (Okay, just the US and Canada...BUT WE ARE EXPANDING INTL. SHIPPING BY THE END OF THE WEEK).

I imagined them all kissed, sprouting wings and flying to the door step of every lovely soul who had been patient enough to wait for them since December.

To each and every one of you, THANK YOU. Truly. It fills me with so much joy that you like the bags. But even more than that, I'm so grateful for the people in this amazingly talented and generous industry. I've received many sweet emails from people about the bags. And while they're probably my favorite part of the day, I also know that it's pretty remarkable for people to take the time to write. You know? ...Basically, I'm seeing in a way that I've never fully realized that photographers completely ROCK.

So again, thank you everyone!

SHIPPING UPDATE: We're totally on track with the second shipment which should be here by the end of this week. So if you're waiting for your order, you should have it around the first part of March. Yahoo!  :)

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