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Show Me Yours // Turquoise Belle

Alea from Alea Moore Photography is giving us a peek at her trusty Turquoise Belle today. She had this to say about her bag:

"Firstly, I must share how much I absolutely LOVE my epiphanie bag!!! I am baffled how I managed without it for so long, and now that I have it ( for little over a year now) it is just as important as any single piece of my camera equipment. Not to forget to mention, it’s SOO pretty!!!"

Thank you for the sweet compliments, Alea and thank you for supporting Epiphanie!

Now meet her Turquoise Belle + contents: 

Camera body
2 speedlites
Memory card holder/memory cards
Flash battery holder/2 sets of 4 AA batteries
Flash battery charger
Extra AA packs
Matches (cause you never know when you’ll need to light something on fire)
Tic tacs (so fresh and so clean)
Business postcards
Fav vendor business cards
Lens cleaners
Ibprophen (cause the body hurts after an 8 hour day on my feet)
Hair things
Bobby pins
Extra pair of earrings
Lip gloss
Chap stick
Instant coffee packs (a must have)
Stamps from italy
A few metro tickets from venice and paris
Notepad for notes, ideas, messages
Photo of my 3 girls
Sweet notes from my hubs reminding me how much he loves me!


And Alea's bag filled with the goods:

Thanks again for sharing, Alea!

If you want to show us yours, well go right on ahead! Send your photos + list of bag contents to media@epiphaniebags.com. Note "Show Me Yours" in the subject line. More information about this series can be found here.