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Where Did You Have Your Epiphanie? // Western Caribbean

Hello friends! We're doing a little rearranging over here so you will now find Where Did You Have Your Epiphanie? on Tuesdays! We hope you've enjoyed our recent visits to London and Versailles!

Now get ready to hit the water with Jamila as she travels the Western Caribbean! Jamila and her sisters just returned from a Carnival Cruise trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica; Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands; and Cozumel, Mexico.

Grey Clover had the lucky fortune of traveling by Jamila's side!

Before describing her favorite things to do in each location, Jamila wants you to know -

"If you haven't been on a cruise, DO IT!  There is nothing like going to sleep in one country and waking up in another without the hassles of airport security, gas money, worrying about food, etc.  I had a balcony stateroom so every day, I took advantage of eating my tasty continental breakfast (room service delivered) on the balcony while staring out into the beauty of the vast blue waters.  I made sure I seized those quiet moments throughout the day, where I could quiet my mind and be at peace.  Sometimes, it's hard to grab these moments when we're in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives."

 Done, Jamila! We're in!

Jamila's absolute favorites in each vacation spot include:
Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • Eat well at The Pork Pit, right in the heart of Montego Bay. Be sure to try their jerk meats, Jamaican sodas, and the festival (a dessert).
  • Horseback Ride N' Swim with Chukka Caribbean.  Ride through the countryside with gorgeous views and then take your horse into the ocean! An unforgettable experience.
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
  • Relax on the Seven Mile Beach where won't get enough of the turquoise blue water.  While there, you can capitalize on snorkeling, parasailing, jet skiing, and more.
Cozumel, Mexico
  • Deep Sea Trek & Snorkeling at Jeanie's in Downtown Cozumel. Walk on the ocean floor, 20 feet beneath the surface, for a unique adventure under the sea where the fish are at your fingertips.
  • Ernesto's Fajitas. Great mexican food in a location overlooking the water.

Thanks for sharing your vacation and pictures with us, Jamila! We loved it!


Where Did You Have Your Epiphanie? - Versailles

Say hello to Lindsay, writer of the blog Confessions of a Bookworm. Lindsay recently returned from a two week trip to Europe with her Pink Belle. Part of her trip included a stop in Versailles.

How much would you give to be Lindsay in this very photo right this second?

Lindsay insists that you must do the following when visiting Versailles:

1) Take in the gorgeous (and grandiose!) Palace of Versailles! See the amazing artwork and architecture, as well as items such as Napoleon’s throne and Marie Antoinette’s bedroom!

2) Wander the labyrinthine gardens of the Palace of Versailles- you can explore for hours and not see it all! And if you get tired of walking, you can rent bikes and golf carts!

3) Take a rowboat out on the Grand Canal in the gardens of Versailles!

4) Find and explore one of the many smaller palaces-turned-museums with in the gardens of Versailles, including Marie Antoinette’s personal retreat, the Petit Trianon!

5) Enjoy the scents and flavors of Versailles by meandering through the open-air produce market or the flower market near the palace.

More of Lindsay's Versailles photos can be found here. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us, Lindsay!


Where Did You Have Your Epiphanie? - An Adventure Series

Lola, Belle, Ginger, Paris and Clover have a great life. Aside from the fact that they’re fashionable, attractive and close companions with some amazing camera equipment, they have the GREAT fortune of traveling the world.

All thanks to you - our fabulous Epiphanie customers!

To celebrate these travel adventures, we’re launching our new blog series Where Did You Have Your Epiphanie? Each Friday we’ll tell the story of an Epiphanie friend who has taken her bag to a travel-worthy destination and her five favorite things to do in that location.

How exciting, right? Every week a virtual vacay around the globe together! Hello to the creation of a mini travel-guide. Ultimately, we hope this series inspires you to continue living life the way you picture it!

Want to tell us about your travel adventure with Belle, Lola, Ginger, Paris or Clover? Sweet. We would love to live vicariously through you too. Send photos (700px) of you with your Epiphanie bag in that vacation spot to media@epiphaniebags.com. And don't forget to include your list of the 5 best things to do there.

Let the adventures begin! First stop - LONDON!


Where Did You Have Your Epiphanie? - London

Meet Laura Lawson of Lawson Photography. She's a wedding photographer based in North West England and we first learned of her jaunt into London here.

That is one lucky Red Lola!


Here are Laura's 5 favorite things to do in London:

1) Go for Sunday lunch at a traditional pub like The Winchester (They do hot cocktails in teapots too!)

2) Go shopping at Portobello market

3) Take in some culture at Tate Modern, the National Portrait Gallery, or the V&A Museum

4) Sit in a cafe and people watch - there's such eclectic style in London

5) Have a picnic on Hampstead Heath (if it's not raining!)

Thanks for sharing your favorite London spots, Laura! :)

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