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Meet the beautiful, shabby chic studio of Keri Kay Photography! Located on Main Street in Spring Hill, Tennessee, Keri's photography business resides within the second story of a 200 year old house (turned commercial space).

Loving Keri's props galore!

And here's a peek at Keri's office.

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Isn't Keri's workspace so bright and inspiring? We're especially loving the splashes of turquoise everywhere.

Check out more of Keri's fabulous photography on her blog and Facebook pages.

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Where Did You Have Your Epiphanie? // Jamaica + Grand Cayman

Today in Where Did You Have Your Epiphanie?, we're cruising back over to Jamaica and Grand Cayman! Our friend Amy Locurto of Living Locurto and I Heart Faces took a family vacation there last August with Turquoise Belle by her side.

Amy's top 5 favorite things on the Jamaica + Grand Cayman Carnival cruise include:

1) Visiting the gorgeous Half Moon Bay Resort in Jamaica was my favorite shore excursion of the trip. That place is absolute paradise! Swimming with the dolphins was the ultimate highlight. You wade out into the water and they swim right up to you! Of course I opted out to take photos. Capturing my families faces was worth sitting out on the shore:-)

2) Family time was another one of my favorite things. When you leave port, there is no phone access unless you want to pay international roaming fees and the internet is so slow that it's not worth your time. This means no distractions and time to relax and spend time with your family. I so enjoyed hanging out on our balcony and watching my daughter look for mermaids. Plus, it was a great way to get her to stand still for photos. ha!

3) Sunsets on the ship were absolutely amazing! Definitely a favorite thing.

4) If you're ever in Grand Cayman with kids, I highly suggest taking them on the local Jolly Roger Pirate Ship. It's such a blast! I have some fun video of it here and it will make you want to go for sure. You can take this tour with a cruise or on your own.

5) I couldn't have a favorite thing without including some type of chocolate. Let me just say, the Carnival Chocolate Melting Cake is to die for. Really.

Thanks for sharing, Amy. Looks like you guys had a blast!

Oh, and one last thing for novice cruisers embarking on an excursion in the near future... check out Amy's 15 Tips for First Time Cruisers. Super helpful information you will definitely appreciate!

Attention all those who own Epiphanie bags! We know you've been to some fabulous places. Or live in some incredible, travel-worthy cities for that matter. We want to hear from you! Send a few shots and your list of 5 favorite things to do in that location to media@epiphaniebags.com.  Include a short bio about yourself and note "Where Did You Have Your Epiphanie?" in the subject line. Thanks!



Show Me Yours // Turquoise Belle

Alea from Alea Moore Photography is giving us a peek at her trusty Turquoise Belle today. She had this to say about her bag:

"Firstly, I must share how much I absolutely LOVE my epiphanie bag!!! I am baffled how I managed without it for so long, and now that I have it ( for little over a year now) it is just as important as any single piece of my camera equipment. Not to forget to mention, it’s SOO pretty!!!"

Thank you for the sweet compliments, Alea and thank you for supporting Epiphanie!

Now meet her Turquoise Belle + contents: 

Camera body
2 speedlites
Memory card holder/memory cards
Flash battery holder/2 sets of 4 AA batteries
Flash battery charger
Extra AA packs
Matches (cause you never know when you’ll need to light something on fire)
Tic tacs (so fresh and so clean)
Business postcards
Fav vendor business cards
Lens cleaners
Ibprophen (cause the body hurts after an 8 hour day on my feet)
Hair things
Bobby pins
Extra pair of earrings
Lip gloss
Chap stick
Instant coffee packs (a must have)
Stamps from italy
A few metro tickets from venice and paris
Notepad for notes, ideas, messages
Photo of my 3 girls
Sweet notes from my hubs reminding me how much he loves me!


And Alea's bag filled with the goods:

Thanks again for sharing, Alea!

If you want to show us yours, well go right on ahead! Send your photos + list of bag contents to media@epiphaniebags.com. Note "Show Me Yours" in the subject line. More information about this series can be found here.