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Love, love, love my Stella bag! I've had this beauty for a month now and have been enjoying it so much! It's perfect for my needs!! She came with me on my 3rd wedding this past weekend - got so many compliments!! Thank you!!

-Keri Harrison
Keri Harrison Photography


Both myself and a very good friend of mine received an Epiphanie bag for our anniversaries this summer. We were out last night doing some picture taking and captured this photo for fun and wanted to send to you! We both love our new camera bags! Thank you very much for an attractive and great quality camera bag for women.

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Just got my Teal Clover in!  I stinkin' LOVE it!!  Just wanted to share!

- Brooke Kempker
BK Designs



My sister has been drooling over your bags for years. I got her the teal Belle as a graduation gift. She was speechless! Thanks for the perfect present!!
- Ruth


I just had to write and tell you how thrilled I am with my bag.  I was in the U.S. (home from Tunisia where I live/work) for 3 weeks and my new bag arrived on-time as promised.  I was home for my sister's wedding and everywhere I took it I got compliments on the adorable purse--definitely not what I'm used to with a camera bag.  The real road test came on the way home-- I had a 3 day stop off in Boston and spent the first day walking the "freedom trail".  At the end of walking all day the bag still felt light and easy on my shoulders-- that's saying a lot with a full-frame camera and lens plus normal purse items.  Then, just when we reached the far end of the city in a huge park with no shelters a freakishly bad rain storm hit.  I am from Oregon and I'm used to rain, but this was like the world had it's shower head turned on full-blast and there was no relenting. We ran through rain like this for about 45 minutes before we could find shelter and I was soaked to the bone.  I was freaking out about my camera-- that's a lot of expensive equipment.  However, when we finally found cover I opened the bag to find that everything was spotlessly dry.  I was seriously impressed-- I think you have a customer for life!  Thanks for doing a great job with your product, I will definitely pass the word along.  Ciao!